Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program


Success in cannabis begins with the fundamentals

In the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program, you will learn the history of cannabis, your Endocannabinoid system, biology and botany of cannabis, nuances of each cannabis product and delivery method, cannabinoids & terpenes, addressing cannabis myths and fears with science, proper dosing protocols, safe cannabis use, careers in cannabis, and much more.

The Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program covers these topics in detail, taught by the world's leading cannabis experts, entrepreneurs, and educators. Validate your knowledge by achieving a passing score on the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Exam and receive your official Green Flower Program.

What's Included: 10-modules of engaging videos and written materials, knowledge checks at the end of every module to assimilate your learning, printable job-aids for easy reference, private forum to network and connect with other students, and your official Green Flower Certificate (once you pass the Exam).

Prerequisites: None

Time Commitment: 15 hours of online learning & study.

Tuition: Online training plus exam: $299 (USD), Retakes: $69 (USD). Exam fees are non-refundable.

Passing Score: A grade of 80% on the Exam is required to pass.

Exam Details: The Green Flower Certificate Exam is a comprehensive multiple choice exam, administered online. Enrollment allows two attempts to achieve a passing score. You have 90 days from purchase to take the Exam. This is a closed book Exam.

Once You Pass: You will get your own official Green Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate to proudly hang on your wall and use for credibility and trust in the Industry.

5 Reasons to Get The Green Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate

  • Your knowledge and confidence about cannabis will grow exponentially
  • Cannabis companies and leaders will take you seriously
  • You'll stand out when getting a cannabis job, license, or investment
  • You get to learn from the world's leading cannabis experts and educators
  • You can get the Green Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate for anywhere in the world!

The Cannabis Cultivation Program is taught by 13 of the world's leading cannabis experts in their domain.

Steve DeAngelo
Mara Gordon
Founder, Aunt Zelda's
Dr. Jessica Knox M.D.
Cannabis physician, Medical Chair of the Minority Cannabis Business Association
David Bearman, MD
Certified Cannabinoid Medicine Specialist
Dr. Francis D'Ambrosio MD "Doctor Frank"
Orthopedic Surgeon/Medical Marijuana Advocate
Michele Ross, PhD
Neuroscientist. Author. Founder, Executive Director, and President IMPACT Network
Samantha Miller
President & Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics
Joel Stanley
CW Hemp
Mel Frank
Legacy Grower & Author of The Marijuana Grower’s Guide
Paul Armentano
Deputy Director, NORML; Author
Jessica Peters
Cannabinoid specialist, Moxie Meds
Jennifer "Seshata" Macfarlane
Rachel Knox, MD
Endocannabinologist, Co-Founder at American Cannabinoid Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Green Flower Cannabis Fundamentals Program is 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world. Enrollment includes a comprehensive 10-module online training led by top cannabis experts, and an online Exam which you must pass with a score of 80% or greater to receive your Certificate.
This Program covers the most important fundamental aspects of cannabis including: The history of cannabis, your endocannabinoid system, how cannabis interacts in the body, cannabinoids and terpenes, the important differences between cannabis products, addressing widespread cannabis myths and fears with science, the biology and botany of the cannabis plant, safe dosing protocols, and how to be a good steward of cannabis to customers and patients.
People who are new to cannabis experience tremendous growth in their cannabis knowledge, and industry veterans report their cannabis knowledge increases by at least 20% or more.
Between watching the video content, reading the written material, taking the short quizzes, and studying for the exam, it will likely take you 15-25 hours to complete.
Whether you are looking to enter the cannabis industry, get hired by a cannabis company, invest in the cannabis market, win a cannabis license, become a more knowledgeable advocate, or contribute more deeply to your organization, getting a Green Flower Certificate will make you exponentially more confident, credible, and valuable to the cannabis industry today.
This Program features 14+ of the world’s top cannabis experts: Steve DeAngelo (Harborside), Dr. Michele Ross (Impact Network), Dr. David Bearman (Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine), Dr. Frank D’Ambrosio (, Dr. Jessica Knox (American Cannabinoid Clinics), Samantha Miller (Pure Analytics), Mara Gordon (Aunt Zelda’s), Joel Stanley (CW Hemp), Mel Frank (Marijuana Growers Guide), Martha Montemayor (MJ for MDs), Jessica Peters (CBD Expert), and Paul Armentano (NORML).
Because companies and leaders in the cannabis industry trust and respect Green Flower as the global leaders in cannabis education, so getting a Green Flower Certificate will demonstrate that you are knowledgeable, skilled, and credible around cannabis today. Plus, this is the fastest way to better understand the cannabis industry and all the opportunities within it, so you can find your place and succeed in this fast-growing sector without missing a beat.
Enrollment for this Program is only $299. You will have 2 chances to pass the Certificate Exam with your tuition. $69 Exam retakes after that.
December 5th, and you’ll have 90 days to pass the exam to get your Certificate. This is a self-paced program and you may go through it as fast or slow as you like, and we do provide guidance and support to help you succeed throughout.
You will have two chances to pass the final Exam with enrollment. Retakes are $69 after that. You must achieve an 80% passing score to receive your Green Flower Certificate.
No, Green Flower is not an accredited school and doesn’t plan to be. We produce trusted cannabis education led and validated by the world’s top experts, and our Certificates are utilized by companies, associations, nonprofits, and governments around the world.
Because we have such a large library of high-value cannabis education, the Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program does include curated content from our library. This said, we have created a series of assessments, articles, ancillary materials, and a final Exam that are brand new and will deepen your knowledge and credibility in cannabis.
Nothing will be mailed. However, there are materials in each course that you can download, print, and use at your convenience.
Absolutely! You can review any and all materials as many times as you'd like. However, please note that once you begin the exam, it’s closed-book.
Contact us right now and we'll be happy to speak with you privately:
Call: 805.947.0500

Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program