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Help The World See The True Value Of Cannabis & Earn Commissions and Prizes
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What is a Green Flower Affiliate?

As an official Green Flower affiliate you will get the opportunity to help spread the true value of cannabis to your followers while earning commissions and prizes.

We strive to create lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial with the one-pointed intention of spreading credible information about cannabis to the world.

Throughout the year, there will be many opportunities to collaborate and change people's lives by promoting and sharing our various different content offerings. Not only are our affiliates impacting millions of lives, they are standing for a cause that we all believe in.

Plus we pay out big checks!

What's in it for you as a promotional partner?

  • You'll be able to share all of our life-changing content with your audience, which will build incredible good-will with your people plus support ending the stigma.
  • You'll get a generous 20% commission when people buy.
  • Top partners are also eligible to WIN special prizes, free Sponsorship opportunities, free access to courses, and ways to get highlighted to our large, ever-growing audience.
  • Every lead you send over will be tracked using our top-quality affiliate software, so you can trust that you'll get all the credit, commissions, and prizes you deserve.
  • Based on our history, we usually cut some pretty exciting checks to affiliate partners like you.

Our Stats

Over 120,000 loyal subscribers
Watched over 10,000,000+ minutes of cannabis content on our platform
Over 400+ affiliate partners in our network
Generated over $190,000+ in affiliate sales
We have 1 mission: to educate the world about the true value of cannabis

All The Ways You Can Promote

Email (most effective) Send out dedicated emails, or include a mention in your newsletter. This will always get the best results.

We provide you with ultra-compelling pre-written emails you can copy, paste, and send.

Blog Posts Create articles and blog posts that educate people about the amazing things we'll cover during the Summit.

We provide you with fun facts and graphics so it's easy to create something valuable for your people.

Social Media Post graphics, videos, and other interesting facts that get people excited about The Summit.

We provide you with beautiful photos and strong social media posts to make it extremely easy on you.

Banners Include a web banner on your website or in your next newsletter.

You guessed it. We'll give you everything you need to get the best possible results!

Our Existing Partners

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We love cutting big checks to our promotional partners for helping to spread cannabis education throughout the world.

Click the button below, fill out the short form, and we'll get back to you within a few days to let you know about whether you've been approved as an affiliate partner.

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