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Every day the Green Flower team is inspired by the different people we meet.

And they are all on the journey of a lifetime.

Some are searching for personal answers like how to use cannabis as medicine, and others want to join this incredible industry and start a new career.

Digging into their stories is an eye-opening experience, which can show you the possibilities of this plant and the industry that surrounds it.

And so we bring to you the second monthly column where we highlight some of the people who've gone through Green Flower Academy, capturing a bit of their story and what it is that has pulled them toward cannabis learning in the first place.


Heather Beuke Diers – Holistic Health Meets Cannabis

heather beuke diers

Heather Beuke Diers’s journey into holistic health started with a cancer diagnosis. It was six years ago when her dog Nola was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – a very aggressive and fast-spreading cancer.

The beloved family canine was given three months left to live.

With such a bleak prognosis, Heather thought, why not treat this holistically?

“I spent hundreds of hours, researching and experimenting with different protocols in team with our amazing veterinarian, and ended with a very strong cancer-fighting diet,” she recalls.

The approach gave Nola another year, a healthy year at that.

“We got better results than most get with chemo when treating OS. Witnessing the powerful role nutrition plays in fighting disease has changed the way I live my life forever.”

Heather would go on to publish a book on the experience, start a blog – Heather’s Holistic Paw Prints – and even get certified as a pet food specialist, working with animals (and their people) on proper nutrition.

Discovering Cannabis

Continuing her holistic studies, Heather eventually encountered the medicinal value of cannabis and CBD.

“I wish I would have known more about it while treating Nola’s cancer, but it’s not too late for my current dogs (and humans),” she notes.

After some trial and error with different products, Heather came across a CBD oil that had amazing results on her dog Barley’s arthritis.

“Barley runs and plays like a puppy again. And it worked very well for the pain I was experiencing in my neck and elbow. I also started my 84-year-old mother, who still runs her own business and works fulltime, on the hemp oil, to help with her aches and pains as well as her short-term memory issues due to normal aging. We have been so impressed with the results.”

Heather was so happy with this particular CBD product, she signed up for the company’s affiliate program through which she first heard about the online Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program and Green Flower Academy.

“My favorite part of the fundamentals program is the knowledge I gained about our endocannabinoid system, because that is when the ‘lightbulb’ moment started happening for me, and it all started making sense,” she remarks.

“I believe cannabis is the most medicinal plant on earth, after learning the role of our endocannabinoid system and the important connection cannabis has in maintaining homeostasis in our body for optimal health.”

Going Professional and Spreading the Message

For Heather, this is just the beginning. She plans to take Green Flower’s Cannabis Patient Care Certificate Program next and then start setting up speaking engagements with doctors in her area, helping to educate those in various medical fields.

“I want to be their ‘lightbulb’ moment,” she notes.

“Our doctors need to be ready when our laws change across the country, which appears to be happening now, or they will be left behind.”

This industry is getting ready to explode, Heather continues, as more people push the stigma of cannabis aside and embrace its powerful – and extremely safe – medicinal properties.

“I’m excited to be a part of the cannabis revolution!”

Alhaji Abubakar – From Hospitality to Cannabis Lab Testing

Alhaji Abubakar – a hotel manager and Chicago native – has spent the bulk of his professional career in hospitality.

“I have always had a desire to provide people with great service and a unique experience,” he explains. “This is what drew me to cannabis.”

Alhaji’s initial interest in cannabis revolved around the dispensary experience. He saw it as a potential means to assist others, introducing them to new products, helping them out with their ailments, and turning people on to other cannabis benefits.

And then something changed.

As Alhaji continued his cannabis learning, he realized there was an even more urgent area where he could help.

Critical Cannabis Factor: Quality Lab Testing

“Through exploring Green Flower’s immense catalog of content, I found myself drawn to cannabis testing,” he says.

“This aspect plays the vital role of ensuring that anyone who wants to enjoy cannabis can do so with the full confidence that their product is free of any contaminants.”

In addition to quality and assurance, Alhaji sees a lot of other exciting opportunities in cannabis science as a whole.

“As our technology continues to advance, we will be able to learn more about this plant than ever before, including the potential benefits of lesser-known cannabinoids and terpene content.”

With his sights set on securing a position at a cannabis testing facility, Alhaji intends to be first in line to sign up for Green Flower’s upcoming Cannabis Science Certificate.

Utilizing Green Flower

“I came across the Green Flower website while watching a YouTube video where someone referred to the website as the Netflix for cannabis,” Alhaji recalls.

“I haven’t been able to stop watching since. Just from watching and re-watching Green Flower videos, I have learned so much about cannabis, including its uses, application methods, history, and the overall truth.”

As soon as Alhaji saw Green Flower offering online courses and certificates, he knew he would be signing up immediately.

“The information that I have learned from this website only continues to grow my interest in cannabis,” Alhaji notes.

“The thing is, when you see the genuine care that the Green Flower team of contributors puts into each and every video, there is no doubt in your mind that their mission is always the same.”

Green Flower aims to keep the public informed, he continues. “They do so with passion and the pure intention of ensuring that anyone who is tuning in can take the information, do their own research, and engage in meaningful dialogue with others.”

With so many Green Flower programs on the menu, the goal is to choose one that resonates with you, Alhaji advises.

“Simply put, I trust Green Flower.”

Sheryl Olson – Cannabis Patient Turned Health Coach

sheryl olson

Until 1995, Sheryl Olson had been a healthy, vibrant woman, mother and wife.

Then her health began to deteriorate, and she was ultimately diagnosed with ME/CFS – also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

It’s a complicated disorder, where researchers and physicians are still uncertain about the cause, and it can only be treated for symptom relief.

Symptoms can include severe fatigue that won’t improve with rest, frequent headaches, loss of memory, insomnia, muscle pain, and swollen lymph nodes – a debilitating condition to say the least.

“Over the years, doctors prescribed all sorts of medications which all had horrible side effects,” says Sheryl, who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, where she’s been working in human services for over 30 years, with the last 12 years in a men’s correctional facility.

Finding and Embracing Cannabis as Medicine

“In 2016 after being diagnosed with PTSD and a major flare-up of the ME/CFS, I researched the best alternatives to pharmaceuticals,” Sheryl explains.

“Cannabis was at the top of the list in all ways. My doctor prescribed medical marijuana, and I have not looked back. There was a huge learning curve working with cannabis as a medication, but so worth it. I have my life back!”

This life-changing experience inspired Sheryl to pursue cannabis training. “Knowing that there are other people struggling to figure out how to make cannabis work for them and having spent the last couple of years figuring it out for myself, I want to be able to coach and guide others using cannabis in their health journey.”

With this goal in mind, Sheryl searched for a cannabis training program but couldn’t find anything in Canada.

So she kept searching until she found Green Flower.

“The Green Flower Fundamentals Certificate Program fit what I was looking for,” she says of the online program.

“I found the program very informative and detailed. The educators were knowledgeable, and the whole program was professional.”

Dawn Bazurto – Former Cannabis Felon Finds Industry Success

Once a victim in the war on cannabis, Dawn Bazurto is now a part of California’s cannabis industry, and she’s thriving.

After being convicted of multiple cannabis felonies for cultivation and distribution, everything around her fell apart. “It ultimately destroyed and devastated my life as I knew it,” she recalls.

“I lost my children, and I could no longer get or hold a job for more than two months (once the background checks came back) – all after being in retail management for over 16 years.”

It was then that Dawn realized the epiphany that got her where she is today: it was time to reinvent herself.

“I taught myself accounting and QuickBooks, and started taking on my first clients, and boy was that scary!”

She would go on to take certification classes and go back to school to further solidify the foundation for the client base she was striving to land.

“I learned as I went and built a knowledge base that has taken me to where I am today,” she says.

Triumphant Return to Cannabis

Years later, after gaining valuable experience in many different industry types, Dawn sensed an opportunity to return to cannabis, a world she knew so well filled with potential clients who needed her help.

“They needed someone who knew what they have been through, someone they could trust, and I had been in their shoes!”

Today, Dawn oversees a cannabis accounting and consulting firm, which she manages with her partner in Oakland, California. The firm helps new and emerging cannabis businesses navigate the local and state permitting and licensing systems.

Dawn and her partner are also incubating a second business in cannabis manufacturing called Lady Gemini.

When she enrolled in Green Flower’s Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program, her desire was straightforward: “I wanted to expand my knowledge base on terpene profiling as well as the endocannabinoid system and cannabis botany.”

Knowledge of Cannabis Fundamentals Is Important for Everybody

The online Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program covers everything you need to know about the essentials of cannabis. Cannabis history, science, botany, products, effects, dosing, and much more.

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