Cannabis testing is essential for two reasons. One is to make sure the product is free of potentially harmful contaminants such as mold, fungus, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

The other benefit of lab testing is for people – including cannabis patients and clinicians – to know exactly what is inside the cannabis. What's the cannabinoid profile? What's the terpene profile?

In other words, cannabis testing is what allows people to make informed decisions about what product they're purchasing. 

For every tested product, cannabis labs issue a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which most dispensaries will show to customers upon request.

This is especially important in medical cannabis, where people oftentimes have to be extra careful about which cannabis products they use and which ones they avoid.

But how do you actually read and make sense of the COA?

In the above video, Josh Wurzer of SC Labs gives us a quick run-through of the absolute basics.

If you're looking for a complete deep-dive on how to read test results as well as understanding all the other nuances of cannabis patient care...

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