Cannabis tinctures are a great way to medicate.

Various types of tinctures have been around for many centuries. Greek physician Galen of Pergamum (A.D. 129 - ca. 216) used tinctures to treat injured gladiators.

Tinctures are essentially a medicine made by dissolving a substance with medical benefits in alcohol or another solvent

Cannabis is one of the most popular substances to make into tinctures. In a time when edibles, smoked flower, and cannabis concentrates reign supreme among cannabis consumers, tinctures often get lost in the shuffle.

But consumers should not overlook cannabis tinctures, which provide significant wellness benefits.

What are the benefits of using cannabis tinctures

Here's the scoop on cannabis tinctures benefits:

  • Doesn't require extra consumption equipment
  • Is a smoke-less form of cannabis consumption
  • Alcohol base helps your body absorb the cannabis faster when consumed sublingually
  • Fewer calories than edibles
  • Easy to consume discreetly

Cannabis tinctures can be swallowed or added to foods and beverages, but the most common way to consume tinctures is sublingually by placing drops under the tongue.

Tinctures usually come in a dark colored glass container that has a dropper for a lid. Depending on how strong the tincture is, a few drops can really go a long ways to treat all types of ailments from pain to insomnia.

What do you need to make cannabis tincture?

Cannabis tincture is one of the easiest cannabis products to make at home. Below is what you will need:

  • Cannabis - it can be trim, shake, or buds
  • A glass jar
  • A high-proof alcohol such as Everclear

For those that do not want to consume an alcohol based tincture, you can use distilled water, vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar instead of alcohol.

Glycerin tinctures are preferable to some people because it gives the tincture a sweet flavor. Which solvent you use (alcohol or otherwise) is up to the consumer's taste preference.

It is worth noting that using a high-proof alcohol results in the most complete extraction of the cannabinoids from the cannabis material being used, so keep that in mind.

How do you make cannabis tincture?

Various methods exist for making tinctures, with some methods being more involved than others. Below is the easiest way to make it:

  1. Break up the cannabis as best you can.
  2. Decarboxylate the cannabis to activate it.
  3. Place the decarboxylated cannabis in the jar.
  4. Fill the jar with the high-proof alcohol, leaving a small gap between the top of the liquid and the lid.
  5. Let the mixture soak, giving it a good shake a few times a day.

How much cannabis you put into the jar is up to you. The more cannabis you put in it, the stronger the tincture will ultimately be.

The same goes for how long you let the tincture soak. The longer it goes, the more the alcohol will strip the cannabinoids from the cannabis.

I have let tinctures soak for four months, and the end product was outstanding. I know people that have been successful with a shorter soak time, as well as a longer soak time. It's up to your personal preference.

When it is done soaking, simply strain the liquid and place it into a container of your choosing. Glass dropper bottles are easy to find online.

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