Activists are the secret sauce of the cannabis industry!

Cannabis activists have been fighting against cannabis prohibition since the very beginning.

Support for reform was higher in some decades compared to others, but there were always people fighting for social justice.

A lot of that time was spent with little to no reward.

The last two decades have seen a lot of victories on the medical side, and recent years have seen adult-use cannabis legalization spread, but there were many years where there were no victories.

When I think about all of the activists who have fought to free the plant since the dawn of prohibition, I can’t help but feel inspired.

It is an honor to carry on their fight as a current cannabis activist, and it should be the hope of all current activists that by the time we are done, there will be no need to pass the torch because prohibition will have ended everywhere and in any form that it exists.

We still have a lot of work left to do.

There’s obviously a ton of work left to do, and I don’t want people to think that the end of prohibition is right around the corner, because it’s not.

But the number of reform victories has been growing at a significant pace.

Recent reform victories have created tremendous business opportunities.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, I’m sure you have seen cannabis industry dollar statistics.

And when you did, I bet a majority of you whispered to yourself, ‘holy $%#@, that is a ton of money…’ I know I do, even still to this day, and I read a lot of cannabis media. Trust me.

With so many crushing it in the industry, I don’t think it can be pointed out enough that none of it would exist if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of cannabis activists throughout the years.

Many activists never get the credit they deserve.

Many of those activists will never get the proper respect they deserve because they have since passed away, and went about their efforts seeking results, not credit and attention.

As I always say, cannabis activism is the secret sauce of the cannabis industry.

Without it, the cannabis industry is just one or two steps away from going backwards in a hurry.

People spend so much time working on their business plans, yet neglect to contribute in a meaningful way to reform efforts.

That has always puzzled me.

If you are reading this, and you are doing well in the cannabis industry, GIVE BACK.

Dig deep.

Whip out that checkbook and support the activists and entities that have worked so hard to make the legal industry possible so that you could live out your dream, crushing it.

There are too many cannabis companies that think they are supporting activism simply because they share memes on social media.

While that is appreciated, many of those businesses could do so much more, and that’s my challenge/public service announcement to those types of businesses.

Are you doing enough? Are you giving enough? Could you do and/or give more?

Which activist group(s) will you support?

I support all reform organizations, efforts, and activists if they are seeking to free the plant, but in particular I like Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Marijuana Majority, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, NORML, and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

I don’t care so much who you support, so long as you are supporting something, but click on those links if you want to donate to those organizations and learn more about what they’re doing to fight for this plant.

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