reefer madness

Unlike with other substances, no one has ever died because of consuming too much cannabis.

To be fair, there are cases of people dying from consuming tainted cannabis, but even then those cases are very rare and the deaths were caused by a foreign substance, and not cannabis itself.

The median lethal dose (known as the 'LD50') for cannabis is 666 mg/kg. That means that a person would have to consume 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes in order to cause death. For obvious reasons, that is humanly impossible.

Yet, despite the science involved, some politicians make the false claim that cannabis is killing people. The latest example of that came last week in New Jersey.

New Jersey State Senator Ronald Rice falsely claims that potent cannabis is killing people

Ever since New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy took office the push to legalize cannabis in New Jersey has ramped up considerably.

Governor Murphy made it clear when coming into office that he wanted to see New Jersey get on the right side of history.

Unfortunately, things are taking longer than expected, due in large part to unfriendly legislators in New Jersey doing everything they can to keep prohibition in place.

Arguably the most desperate attempt to maintain the status quo came from New Jersey State Senator Ronald Rice this week when he stated, "If you get too high you die from it. It kills you directly if it’s too potent.”

Naturally, Senator Rice did not offer up any examples or facts to back up his claim, obviously because no such case exists. Potent cannabis alone has never killed anyone ever in the history of mankind.

This is not the first time the false claim has been made

Senator Ronald Rice is not the first to make the false claim that cannabis is killing people.

Louisiana Representative Dodie Horton cited 37 cannabis deaths in Colorado as the reason why she opposes medical cannabis reform in her own state.

Representative Horton was citing a satire news article from 2014 that was originally published by the Daily Currant.

A quick Google search turns up other examples of elected officials citing fake news stories about cannabis deaths or sharing them on social media.

The false claims are an obvious attempt at trying to scare voters, which may have worked in decades past but now are easily debunked by a little research.

Cannabis opponents are getting desperate because they are losing

Cannabis opponents see poll results like the latest one from Quinnipiac University and know that they are losing the battle, whether they want to admit it or not.

The latest Quinnipiac poll found a record level of support for adult-use cannabis legalization for its annual poll (63%) and an even greater level of support for medical cannabis (93%).

More and more people are getting on the right side of history and demanding that cannabis be regulated like alcohol which is resulting in cannabis opponents getting more desperate.

They know that they cannot win the public policy debate on the facts alone so they are resorting to spreading false and/or misleading information on the hopes that their false claims will gain traction with the public.

This is why it is so important to spread credible cannabis information and debunk false cannabis propaganda whenever it pops up. It's 2018 and yet cannabis opponents are still spreading information that has been debunked for a very long time.

It is the duty of all cannabis advocates to do their part to ensure that the truth gets out. The future of the cannabis movement depends on it!