Steep Hill is expanding into seven new countries!

Last week saw a huge victory for quality international cannabis lab testing when Steep Hill announced its plans for a rapid global expansion.

According to an April 30 press release, the licensee for Steep Hill Canada, is expanding to include:

  • Steep Hill Mexico
  • Steep Hill Germany
  • Steep Hill Spain
  • Steep Hill France
  • Steep Hill Italy
  • Steep Hill Switzerland
  • Steep Hill United Kingdom

Why is this great news?

Because Steep Hill has long established itself as a trusted leader in cannabis science ever since it opened the first commercial cannabis lab in the world in 2008.

Quality cannabis lab testing is essential for the legal cannabis market. These guys catch contaminants such as pesticides, molds, fungus, and all sorts of other nasty things we don’t want in our cannabis.

They can also tell you the genetic makeup of a specific cannabis sample. What’s the cannabinoid profile? What’s the terpene profile?

Cannabis patients and consumers need to know these things so they can make informed decisions when selecting cannabis products for the desired effects.

If you’re consuming cannabis from untested sources, you have no idea what’s in there. This is especially crucial for people who are consuming cannabis to treat medical conditions and may have a weakened immune system. The results can be fatal when these people consume contaminated cannabis.

Not All Cannabis Testing Labs Are Accurate

The tricky thing about cannabis lab testing is a lot of labs out there don’t always give you trustworthy results.

Inaccurate results can come from incompetence and they can come from competition – when labs are forced to give clients the results they want rather than losing their business to the next lab down the road. Not cool.

Steep Hill’s goal has always been a lot bigger than that. Their goal is to help cannabis markets throughout the U.S. and the world to adopt best practices.

In other words, if accurate lab testing is important to you, you want somebody you can trust to get it right, and Steep Hill is one of the good ones.

Steep Hill Getting Involved at Ground Level

One of the exciting things about Steep Hill’s announcement is their shared intent to help these emerging markets take shape.

This makes a lot of sense as Steep Hill has experience working with local legislators and regulators to establish sensible and safe guidelines for cannabis markets.

Jmîchaeĺe Keller, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Steep Hill, Inc., said this:

"In unregulated markets, we want to be on the ground supporting the legalization and regulatory process, helping regulators avoid making the mistakes that other jurisdictions have made in the past. We believe that our role as the industry standard, allows us to leverage our world-class scientific knowledge and state of the art technology to help regulators provide confidence in the marketplace that the cannabis patients consume, is both safe and effective.”

This is exactly the kind of gold standard that all cannabis markets deserve, and Steep Hill’s work here is going to impact countless people in a positive way.

Commenting on the European expansion, Martin Shefsky, CEO, Steep Hill Worldwide, said:

"I anticipate that before long, full legalization will be implemented throughout the European Union and our presence will enable growers, producers, processors, and retailers - to offer standardized tested cannabis for patients and consumers across the European Union, while also enabling us to create a platform to share scientific and technology developments throughout the global cannabis market.”

What will be the next country to get a Steep Hill Lab?

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