From science to compliance, medicine to marketing, join over a dozen prominent cannabis professionals as they recount their unique, unconventional and unlikely journeys into commercial cannabis.

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The Doctor: Junella Chin, MD.

Before she was a physician, she was a cannabis patient. Learn why the medical profession needs to know the endocannabinoid system and why cannabis knowledge is crucial for doctors to best serve patients.

The Compliance Officer: Juli Crockett

She went from art school grad to professional boxer and wound up keeping a whole industry in line. Experience Juli’s remarkable tale and discover why compliance is the big buzz-word in cannabis today.

The Wellness Expert: Dee Dussault                               

She started by pairing cannabis with yoga, and now Dee is witnessing a tipping point in the wellness sector that integrates cannabis into a holistic lifestyle approach encompassing meditation, massage, and more… 

The Attorney: Bridget Hill-Zayat

Growing up a staunch Catholic with an Ivy League degree, Bridget never thought she’d be working for clients in the cannabis space, and she is now dedicated to bringing professionalism to what was once a black-market realm.

The Accountant: Jenna Greenfield                   

She saw a need for speed… and accountability, accuracy and real-time documentation in the fast-moving, ever-changing world of cannabis regulation, tracking and reporting, calling out the huge need for industry CPAs.                                  

The Entrepreneur: Jeffrey Zucker                        

“Right now, the opportunities in cannabis are truly more attainable than in established markets.” In this talk, Jeffrey imparts the mindset and methodologies necessary to bring new products into today’s cannabis marketplace.                                

The Budtender: Gaia Weise

It’s more than getting paid to sell weed. Providing recommendations and safe consumption tips, while distilling scientific research and sprawling legal tenets to the masses, are just part of Gaia’s life, redefining cannabis culture as a budtender.                                   

The Lobbyist: Sean Donahoe

Anticipate opposition, unruffle feathers, and be relentlessly helpful. Learn these and other tools of the trade as Sean shows you how to step up, win the hearts and minds of officials and get what you want as a cannabis lobbyist.

The Marketer: Jeremy Jacobs

With over 55 million cannabis consumers encompassing millennials, soccer moms and boomers, plus a double-digit growth rate, Jeremy’s got some interesting ideas on where the market’s going and the opportunities ahead.

The Scientist: Jessica Reedy                       

She showed up armed with a chemistry degree, disillusioned with Big Pharma, and ready to take on the world. This perfect confluence now ensures safe, quality standards for cannabis products through her role as a senior scientist.                                    

The Cultivator: Joshua Haupt                               

Educating others to find their balance - Josh suffered through a childhood of epilepsy and pharmaceuticals, to growing his own medicine and teaching others his craft on a journey to becoming the “Steve Jobs of Cannabis.”

The Investor: Morgan Paxhia

So, you want to be a cannabis investor? What is your story or unique angle? Morgan got in early and shares his family journey and how best to build a solid investing foundation and create a competitive edge.

The Publicist: Rosie Mattio                   

For 14 years, she represented the top specialty food brands in the world. When she pivoted her business into cannabis, it grew by 200% the first year. See what it takes and why there’s a demand for good PR in cannabis. 

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