In the world of cannabis cultivation, there is a Mount Rushmore of sorts for legendary cannabis growers, and Kyle Kushman is absolutely on that list. Kushman is a true master grower, and you will be hard-pressed to find a cultivator that has won more awards than him.

In the video below, Kyle gives his five top tips for aspiring cannabis growers. Whether you are considering your first crop or you have dozens of successful harvests under your belt, you are sure to learn some valuable information from Kyle.

Growing the best cannabis means understanding the nuances and granular details that go into producing outstanding flower.

One way to learn how to cultivate incredible plants is to perform a series of trial and error experiments with a garden over many, many years. Alternatively, you could take the Green Flower Cannabis Cultivation Certificate Program. 

The Cannabis Cultivation Certificate Program was created in partnership with Kyle Kushman, Mel Frank and Kevin Jodrey, all among the world's top cannabis cultivators. The program can help you consistently grow healthy, high yield, compliant cannabis.

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