Cannabis Training Programs for Businesses

Training for Businesses

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Cannabis Compliance Training Programs

Ensure your team’s regulatory compliance, prepare new hires, and avoid the problem of costly fines, suspensions, and even license revocation.

Required Vendor Training PLUS+

RVT + Cannabis 101 + Onboarding

Meet the perfect “day one” training bundle for cannabis new hires.

Get state required training, introductory cannabis education, and vertical-specific training content designed to bring your new hires to productivity as soon as possible.

Recommended and available nationwide.

Cannabis Handler Certificate

Designed to satisfy Food Safety certificate requirements for the commercial cannabis industry. 

The Cannabis Handler Certificate also provides required compliance training for proper cannabis handling as well as important health and safety considerations crucial to the cultivation and manufacturing of safe, high-quality cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

Expanded Cannabis Onboarding Programs

Choose from off-the-shelf or expandable programming options
to create a simple onboarding program for your team today!

Cannabis Onboarding Express Icon

Cannabis Onboarding EXPRESS

At just over two hours, this training program is a crash course for new hires with little or no experience in cannabis. Learn the ropes of starting a career in cannabis, accelerate the learning curve, and have your new hires be productive at the earliest opportunity. 

There is also an option to expand the program by adding additional content from our library of cannabis training modules.

Industry-Backed Certificates & Digital Credentials

Built by the industry, for the industry. Proudly demonstrate your credibility and advance your career with credentials approved by GF Institute.

On successful completion of a GFI credential, you automatically become a member of GF Institute, the professional credentialing body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, credibility, and equity in our growing industry.

GFI dispensary agent

Dispensary Associate Certificate

Whether you work in an adult-use or medical dispensary, the DAC prepares you to provide superior customer service and distinguishes you, and your team, as knowledgeable and credible professionals to your customers, patients, and regulators.


• Cannabis Health, Safety, & Compliance
• Dispensary & Retail Skills

GFI Cultivation Technician

Cultivation Technician Certificate

Growing cannabis is the backbone of the industry, and there is so much to learn if you want a successful career in commercial cannabis cultivation. 

Learn every aspect of the plant development cycle, understand how to optimize quality and yield while maintaining compliance, and achieve a new level of credibility with a CTC certificate.


• Cannabis Health, Safety, & Compliance
• Cultivation Skills

GFI Manufacturing Agent

Manufacturing Agent Certificate

The variety of cannabis products has increased exponentially over the last 5 years to include concentrates, vapes, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more. 

Learn about the different product manufacturing techniques and extraction methods required to create these new, innovative products. The MAC prepares you for a successful career in the ever-expanding world of manufacturing cannabis products.


• Cannabis Health, Safety, & Compliance
• Manufacturing & Extraction Skills

Custom Business Training Solutions

Build a training program specific to your team’s needs.
Upload your own content or build with our content library,
and get real-time results with transferable licenses.

Custom Training Solutions

The most robust and comprehensive cannabis training solution available on the market, Green Flower’s training platform can be fully customized as your one-stop-shop for onboarding, compliance, and professional development in cannabis.


  • Learning management system (LMS) functionality,
  • Transferable seats to re-assign those held by exiting employees,
    Especially cost effective for your Responsible Vendor Training and GFI Certificate Training requirements,
  • Seamlessly incorporates your own in-house training materials,
  • Instructional design and learning path customization support from a dedicated account manager,
  • Dedicated customer experience support team, and
  • Complete access to the Green Flower content library, including thousands of hours of cannabis- and compliance-focused training content.

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Ganjier for Business

Cannabis Sommelier Certification

Ganjier for Business

The foundational level of Ganjier training focuses on the accurate assessment of cannabis quality, artfully executed service, and the business of successful cannabis sales.

Business customers qualify for an exclusive discount when Ganjier is included as part of your business training package.

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