How to Succeed in Cannabis Summit

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A FREE online Summit to learn the lessons and strategies of top cannabis leaders

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What you’ll learn in this Summit:

  • What type of products will be developed as cannabis goes mainstream.

  • How point of sale will come into play in a new, regulated market.

  • Why the ancillary market is where the true “green rush” is happening.

  • What the data says about demographics, trends & nuances in the market.

  • What extracts are becoming more prevalent.

  • What’s important to consider when acquiring licenses from state to state.

  • Navigating IRS code 280E.

  • Do cryptocurrency models have a place in the industry?

  • How packaging your product makes all the difference.

  • What today’s extraction entrepreneur should consider before using investor funds.

  • Is there a system for success when running a cannabis products company?

  • What’s permissible in the payment landscape.

  • Much more!

Bringing You The World's Top Cannabis Experts

Mike Gorenstein
CEO, Cronos Group
Bob Hoban
Managing Partner Office, Hoban Law Group
Zack Darling
CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist), The Hybrid Creative
Andrew DeAngelo
Chief Revenue Officer
Cy Scott
Co-Founder & CEO, Headset
Jay Czarkowski
Founding Partner, Canna Advisors
Matthew Anderson
CEO, Vanguard
Nick Kovacevich
CEO, Kush Bottles
Nicole Smith
CEO, CBx Sciences
Patrick Rea
CEO, CanopyBoulder
Tyler Beuerlein
Vice President of Business Development, Hypur
Jessica Billingsley
CEO, MJ Freeway
Adrian Sedlin
CEO, Canndescent

How to Succeed in Cannabis Summit

A FREE online Summit to learn the lessons and strategies of top cannabis leaders
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