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Education To Succeed In Cannabis

What We Do

Green Flower is the industry standard for cannabis education and training.

We power the training programs of companies, higher education institutions, government agencies, and passionate individuals who want to succeed in the modern cannabis industry.

Our education and credentials help you stand out, gain credibility, and advance your career in the fast-growing cannabis industry today.

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Our Mission

At Green Flower, our mission is to educate the world about how to succeed in cannabis.

We believe the cannabis industry has enormous potential to make a positive impact on our society; as a health and wellness tool, job-creation engine, agricultural renaissance, entrepreneurial boom, disruptor of pharma, alcohol, and tobacco, social justice movement, and much more.

Unfortunately, none of this manifests unless people are well-educated about cannabis today. Job seekers don’t get hired when they lack the necessary skills and knowledge required to stand out, businesses struggle to operate in compliance, retain their workforce, and serve customers and patients properly without standardized training, and the industry remains stigmatized and hindered because of a lack of understanding and appreciation of the plant.

By providing industry leading training and credentials, we are empowering the next generation of cannabis leaders with the skills, knowledge, and qualifications needed to succeed in driving the cannabis industry forward.

Why Cannabis Education Matters
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As cannabis moves from the underground to the mainstream, there is a shortage of well-trained people who have the knowledge, skills, and credibility required to operate in such a highly regulated, deeply complex industry.

Standardized education is how we create the next generation of leaders, and when people have the proper training, the cannabis industry thrives.

Educated job seekers get hired faster
Educated retail professionals sell more products
Educated cultivators grow higher quality cannabis
Educated regulators create more aligned policies
Educated advocates influence more people
Educated executives build better companies

This is why cannabis education matters.

Our Vision

Through our educational programs that serve individuals, companies, colleges, universities, and government agencies, our vision is to educate 1,000,000 people on how to succeed in cannabis by 2030.

The cannabis industry thrives when it’s filled with skilled, knowledgeable, credible leaders.

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