The Business of Cannabis Certificate

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The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and professionals are needed to fill a variety of roles, from human resources to marketing, sales, management, and more. This cannabis certificate program is like a mini-MBA for cannabis. You’ll get a broad understanding of the cannabis industry, including how it got to where it is today and where it is going. 

If you’re interested in becoming a cannabis entrepreneur or applying your existing knowledge to this specialized field, this program will help prepare you to take advantage of the unique challenges and opportunities of this highly-regulated industry. 

Program Details


24 weeks




24 weeks



Course Description

Studying the Business of Cannabis, you’ll develop critical business skills like risk analysis, scaling operations and regulatory compliance. View cannabis—and your future in the industry—with a well-informed and entrepreneurial mindset. 

Online study makes this course ideal for working professionals or anyone looking to access the most experienced educators and professionally designed cannabis coursework available anywhere. Work on each week’s instructor-led assignments at a time that suits you, as you build your expertise and earn a credible credential from a recognized university.

Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion from your chosen university. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the Employer Network, which includes access to a digital badge to display your credential, as well as membership to the GF Institute, the professional organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism, credibility, and equity in the cannabis industry. 

Topics Covered

For anyone considering a career in cannabis, specialized knowledge is the key to unlocking the industry’s most exciting opportunities. The cannabis landscape is complex, ever changing and unique. 

These extensive units are designed to provide valuable information and insights that cover a wide range of topics. 

What will be covered

  • The Business of Cannabis Cultivation
  • Processing and Manufacturing
  • Lab Testing and Analytics
  • Cannabis Distribution
  • The Cannabis Retail Guide
  • Cannabis Real Estate
  • Obtaining Licensing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Marketing in the Cannabis Industry
  • Sales in the Cannabis Industry
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Investment in the Cannabis Industry

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate, you’ll be able to: 

  • Identify the evolution and present state of the cannabis industry
  • Analyze the legality and risk factors within the cannabis space
  • Discover the aspects of operating a cannabis business and how they differ from traditional businesses

Included Course Modules

An in-depth introduction to cannabis, across history, culture and industry. Topics range from botany to business practices, including Cannabis Law and Policy, FDA regulation, and the many challenges that successful cannabis business face.


Gain a broad understanding of how businesses innovate and adapt to industry trends. Includes fundamentals of cultivation, processing and extraction, manufacturing, lab setup and protocols, distribution, retail and delivery, and licensing, with an emphasis on business ethics.

Dive more deeply into sector-specific challenges in areas such as real estate, regulatory compliance, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, human resources, and innovation and investment. Participants complete a business portfolio that includes project management materials, risk analysis, accounting and operations reports, and a case study analysis.


We recommend registering prior to the start date of the course. However, participants may register until Friday morning, after the start date. To register past that date, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request. 

The cannabis certificates are non-credit, so they are not eligible for federal aid at this time. 

Students should expect to dedicate around 6-8 hours per week to complete coursework in this program.

Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from the university they choose. 




  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business professionals
  • Operators and manufacturers



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  • March 4, 2024
  • May 6, 2024
  • July 1, 2024
  • September 9, 2024
  • November 4, 2024

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