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Discover our online cannabis training programs that cater to your compliance requirements, onboarding process, and ongoing continuing education needs. Elevate your business, attract top talent, and cultivate a reputation for quality and professionalism. 

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Quality Training That Helps You Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • Stay Compliant: Our approved cannabis compliance programs ensure your operations adhere to state and federal regulations, making it easier to stay in good standing.

  • Improve Sales & Service: Empower your team with resources and education to enhance their knowledge and performance. Well-informed employees increase ‘buy-in’ for your culture, boost sales, and improve customer service.

  • Reduce Turnover: Offering a robust training experience reduces employee turnover by 12 times. Save money and create a strong learning culture that promotes employee retention.

  • Attract Top Talent: HR professionals prefer skill-based hiring assessments, and 84% of surveyed cannabis employees stated they would stay longer with employers who provide resources and training programs for career development, like our cannabis credentials.

  • Scale Up Faster: Access compliance content from our team of multi-state specialists. Our training meets regulatory requirements, saving you time and effort. Consolidate all your compliance training needs with one vendor at one price.

TRAINING for industry compliance

Ensure compliance and equip your staff with the essential training for success. Discover our online Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) and Cannabis Handler Certificate, designed exclusively for the cannabis industry and encompassing food safety requirements. Elevate your business’s performance and compliance with our comprehensive training solutions.

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Responsible Vendor Training (RVT)

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Whether you are a single or multi-state operator, your compliance commitments can be sourced under one roof, with one pricing structure.

To see state-specific RVT approvals, click the ‘Get More Info’ button below.


Cannabis Handler Certificate 


Designed to satisfy food safety certificate requirements, modified specifically for application in the cannabis industry. 

Certificate holders can be expected to know, understand, and follow all appropriate, applicable, and relevant product safety guidelines and requirements for properly handling cannabis.

Best-In-Class Cannabis Training For Your Entire Organization

  • Unrivaled Quality: Discover the most extensive library of premium, expert-led cannabis content. Our captivating videos and interactive modules, led by industry luminaries, can train your team on every aspect of the cannabis industry today.

  • Ultimate Learning Flexibility: Unlock the power of anytime, anywhere learning with our 24/7 online platform. Say goodbye to rigid schedules and the need for in-person gatherings. Empower your team to learn and grow without stepping away from their vital roles, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

  • Passionate Service Commitment: At Green Flower, our love for cannabis education is reflected in our core values. We are relentless in our pursuit to overcommunicate, provide unwavering support, and deliver impactful results. Partner with us, and experience service that’s profoundly different and dedicated.

  • Money-Saving Transferability: Our unlimited plan allows you to reassign learning seats to new team members at no extra cost, allowing you to navigate industry turnover with ease.

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There’s a reason why so many of the leading cannabis companies, universities, and government institutions trust Green Flower – it’s because our training works.

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Training is not a cost.

It is an investment with a measurable ROI.

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of companies report that staff turnover has a negative financial impact on the business.

Employees who feel they cannot develop within the company are 12 times more likely to leave.

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The cost of replacing a departing team member is 33% of their salary on average.

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of millennials say training is the top benefit they expect from their company.

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Average profitability jumps 24% after investing in standardized training resources.

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Studies show productivity increases at least 10% with effective, job-focused training.

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