Discover a new opportunity to partner with Green Flower.

University Partnerships

Interested in offering Green Flower’s industry-leading cannabis curriculum at your university? Green Flower brings decades of higher education experience, alongside cannabis expertise to ensure an exceptional student experience. 

Learn more about our turn-key solutions that allow you to quickly deploy these in-demand programs. 

Community College Partnerships

Interested in offering Green Flower’s workforce development courses at your community college? Learn more about offering these in-demand courses at your institution. 

Business Partnerships

Green Flower partners with cannabis businesses who are interested in providing training solutions at their organizations. Learn more about our training solutions for cannabis businesses here.

Social Equity Partnerships

Green Flower’s ONE-TO-ONE social equity education engine has one purpose: to provide free cannabis credentials to individuals and communities impacted by the War on Drugs. Learn more about how you can contribute or participate here. 

If you’re interested in exploring a unique opportunity that doesn’t align with on of our existing partnership opportunities, please contact us here.