Ganjier for Business

Cannabis Sommelier Certification

The foundational level of Ganjier training focuses on the accurate assessment of cannabis quality, artfully executed service, and the business of successful cannabis sales.

Green Flower’s business customers qualify for an exclusive discount when Ganjier is included as part of your business training package.

Add Mastery of Cannabis Service to Your Training

Just as the wine, cheese, beer, chocolate, and cigar industries have highly-trained, certified experts qualified to distinguish the nuanced qualities of their respective products, the burgeoning cannabis industry is in dire need of its own class of educated and certified professionals that help consumers find and enjoy products that exceed their expectations.

Enter the Ganjier™ — whose multidisciplinary knowledge and astute professionalism serve to raise the standards of excellence throughout the cannabis industry. Specifically, the Ganjier is trained to:

  • Be a trusted guide for the cannabis consumer

  • Perform critical discernment of cannabis quality by understanding the finer points, nuances and complexities of the cannabis plant, from terpenes to terroir

  • Inform retail buyers of what to expect, and curate menus for optimal sales and enjoyment

  • Educate dispensary managers, staff, and budtenders on cannabis service and sales

  • Establish and maintain a trusted rapport and be a liaison between cultivator, distributor, and seller, from farm to flame

  • Develop the lexicon to accurately communicate standards, values and quality throughout the industry

  • Elevate the credibility of cannabis enterprise by having a credentialed professional on staff

  • Raise the standard of excellence, consistency, and quality in cannabis

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