Supporting Employee Engagement & Retention with GFI Certificates

C-Suite Executives, Senior Managers/Directors, Hiring Mangers, & People Functions

It’s no secret that keeping employees longer positively impacts your business. In this case study, we’ll explore:

  • Important Considerations to Protect Your Business
  • Why Good Employees Leave (or Decide to Stay)
  • Training Topics Your Employees Want to Learn
  • How This Training Benefits Your Business

Executive Summary

Amid everything else happening in cannabis right now — compression, falling prices, and rising costs — there’s a familiar problem plaguing cannabis businesses: employee turnover. 

We call it the “turnover tax.”

Hidden turnover costs continue to erode operating budgets, all while your team needs to hire, train, and get a new employee on the floor to drive revenue.

Meanwhile, this laser focus on revenue, particularly at the expense of investments in employee development may be draining your business through both direct and indirect costs.


labor expense & death spiral

According to our research, GFI certificates & credentials elicit a positive response from employees and support proactive employee engagement strategies.

Our audience of pilot users told us:

  • Just over half had previously encountered “formal” cannabis education,
  • They want training & support to develop their careers in cannabis,
  • The GFI cannabis credentials met their desire for continued education content, and
  • A clear majority would have stayed longer at a previous job if these programs had been available to them for upskilling and independent development.
84% participants

There are many other benefits to implementing a training culture within your organization that will provide additional benefits to your bottom line, such as:

  • reduced costs related to compliance,
  • boosted sales performance, and/or
  • brand management strategies that mitigate additional risks to your business.


The impact of a leader’s approach to the work environment, however, is clear: wherever employees are viewed as unskilled, replaceable workers, turnover inevitably follows.

For more information, please download the case study.

employee churn


the case study.

Our training programs help you operate more efficiently, fight turnover, and stay confidently compliant.

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