GFI Certificate Exams & Skill-Based Hiring Assessments

C-Suite Executives, Senior Managers/Directors, Hiring Mangers, & People Functions

Did you know HR professionals prefer skill-based hiring assessments vs. traditional hiring criteria by a 4-to-1 margin? In this case study, we’ll explore:

  • Resume Detail Verification Problems
  • Why Verified Knowledge Trumps Resume Bullets
  • How GFI Exams Can Expedite Your Onboarding

Executive Summary

A recent survey of HR professionals found that 78 percent attributed higher quality hiring and candidate selection to the use of skill assessments to verify and validate candidate knowledge.

GFI certificate exams provide licensed cannabis operators an ADA-compliant testing mechanism for validating cannabis knowledge that is convenient, priced competitively, and reputable.

The cannabis credential certificates train cannabis employees on and measure mastery of the critical, technical knowledge required to be a successful cannabis professional today.


Skill assessments create create business culture and process alignment between hiring, education, and ongoing employee development.

Assessment scores provide you important baseline knowledge about the candidate which helps inform your hiring decisions, training priorities, and spot gaps that may not have been visible until much later, after the candidate has already started working.

The process of learning promotes social interaction and helps your team members more accurately and efficiently meet targets at work.

Because the GFI certificates are closely related to and aligned with core hiring priorities in cannabis, they positively impact employee turnover and retention by producing better candidates and better candidate intelligence much earlier in the hiring process.



the case study.

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